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There are many companies offering simple panoramas and having researched the software solutions available, I believe that yours is by far away the best, and most cost effective.

Stefan Novak - Visual Perspective

Product Functionality Comparison Chart

360.3D Image Creation and Authoring
360 Panorama Professional VRstitcher Fisheye Pro 360.3D Project
VRbrochure Professional VRbrochure Template System Virtual Tour Business Kit
Stitch photos to create simple panoramas

Stitch 2 or more fisheye images to create full-360 panoramas

Web page panorama viewer
Link panoramas in web viewer using hotspots
Link all images in web viewer using hotspots
Create & display 3D objects in web viewer
Create & display photos, slideshows & animations in web viewer
Create custom image loading branding in web viewer
Advanced 360 panorama controls, transitions & effects
Advanced 3D image controls          
Partial Panoramas    
VRbrochure Virtual Tour Features
Panoramas, 3D images, photos and text in VRbrochure
Partial Panoramas           tick
Image slideshows and animations in VRbrochure
Drag and drop template editor           tick tick
Link images using hotspots in VRbrochure
Interactive floorplans and maps in VRbrochure
Built-in print and email functionality
View VRbrochure in both Flash and Java
Spherical "perspective corrected" Flash Viewer         tick   tick
Plugable Effects         tick   tick
Create private VRbrochure branding - custom, icons and logos          
Store VRbrochure customer contact details for rapid authoring
Virtual movie/guided tour in VRbrochure          
Music, Sound and Voice overs         tick   tick
One-click FTP web publishing         tick   tick
Other Features              
VRbrochure template library
Subscription to Business Domain            


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